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X - What is Conductivity?

Conductivity indicates the TDS or total dissolved solids, often used as a general water quality indicator or for process control. Conductivity or electrical conductance, increases with dissolved salts but does not identify specific water pollution. It is often used to identify saline ingress in to drinking water aquifers or at the head of waste-water treatment facilities which can affect treatment processes. The robustness of the measurement technology ensures reliable on-line process control. Portable conductivity instrumentation also allows for rapid spot sample measurement.

The WTW IQ Sensor Net system is a multiple sensor input controller, accepting the Tetracon 700 IQ sensor which uses a four-electrode design, suitable for waste-water monitoring. The Chemitec 50 Series is also a digital multiple sensor input platform which can accept the competitively priced S411 DIG digital sensor, providing two-electrode conductivity measurement.

MIQ-TC2020XT multi-parameter controller
MIQ-TC2020 multi-parameter controller
TetraCon 700 IQ conductvity sensor
TetraCon 700 IQ conductvity sensor
Chemitec 50 Series Digital Sensor
Chemitec 50 Series multi-parameter controller
Chemitec S411 DIG conductvity sensor
Chemitec S411 DIG conductvity sensor