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Cl- What is Chloride ?

Chloride measurement may be used to identify the presence of inorganic salt compounds (sodium, magnesium, potassium) in potable water, irrigation or process water. Additionally, the presence of dissolved salts which may include chloride bound within organic compounds, may also need to be continuously monitored to demonstrate compliance to an imposed consent on treated industrial effluents. Laboratory, field portable or continuous measurement may be used to analyse for the chloride anion.

For continuous measurement, the Proam analyser may be equipped with an ion selective chloride electrode (ISE) to enable real-time measurement of raw / treated water and industrial effluents. Since the Proam provides automatic two-point calibration and temperature stabilisation of the sensor and measurement fluid, the measurement performance of this ISE technology is enhanced with diagnostic capability. The configurable measurement range up to 35,500mg/L Cl− also make this a versatile measurement technology.

The instrument can accept sample containing suspended solids to 100mg/l however we have also developed various sample preparation systems including a membrane panel filter (with optional compressed air cleaning). The membrane filter removes suspended solids and biology above 0.45 micron, significantly reducing bio-fouling within the instrument and improving measurement performance.

PPM Proam ammonia analyser
ProAm Chloride Analyser
PPM Membrane Panel Filter
PPM Membrane Panel Filter