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PO4-P - What is Phosphate?

Phosphate measurement is an important water quality parameter used to indicate pollution. Phosphate may be determined using on-line instrumentation or by using a portable/laboratory meter. Instrumentation is typically installed on municipal and industrial discharges, as part of a final effluent monitoring system. Phosphate measurement may also be performed using on-line instrumentation within drinking water process control applications.

The Chemitec Colortec is an on-line colorimetric analyser using recognised measurement technology (yellow or blue method), to continually report the ortho-phosphate (dissolved) concentration. The Colortec analyser has a maximum measurement range of 40mg/L PO4. The user may program continual measurement from a 15 minutes interval or externally instruct analysis from a PLC. The sample may be prepared using the PPM membrane filtration system to 0.45 micron or alternatively the Paper Band filtration system, filtering to approximately 20 micron.