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SS mg/L - What is Suspended Solids?

Suspended Solids is determined in a laboratory by gravimetric measurement of a discrete sample reporting weight by volume, the amount of suspended solids to categorise physical water quality. Turbidity instrumentation is used to predict suspended solids and some on-line instrumentation infer suspended solids concentration from a user calibration. Suspended solids is installed to monitor liquors and for final effluent monitoring to report water quality.

The WTW IQ Sensor Net system is a digital platform allowing multiple sensor connection including the Visolid 700 IQ for MLSS measurement. The sensor features continuous ultrasonic cleaning, factory and user calibrations functions accepting multiple points of calibration. Similarly, the lower priced Chemitec 50 Series, may also accept multiple inputs including the S461S digital sensor which also uses IR technology, to measure liquor concentrations.

WTW IQ Sensor Net multi-parameter suspended solids instrument biological treatment monitoring and aeration control
MIQ-TC2020 multi-parameter controller
WTW Visolid IQ Sensor Net suspended solids sensor biological treatment monitoring and aeration control
ViSolid MLSS Suspended Solids
Chemitec 50 Series Digital Sensor
Chemitec 50 Series multi-parameter controller
Chemitec S461S sensor
Chemitec S461S sensor