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What is a Sludge Blanket?

Sludge blanket level measurement may be performed continuously on-line using ultrasonic instrumentation. The distance (measured from the base of the tank) is determined using a submersible ultrasonic sensor, positioned just below the surface, within a primary settlement tank or clarifier. The measured time of the ultrasonic echo can be used to continuously track the height sludge blanket level. The computed result is locally displayed and output for process control functionality. Compressed air cleaning can be integrated to reduce maintenance and improve measurement reliability.

A rising blanket can cause carry-over of suspended matter and a deterioration of the treated water quality, from the clarifier or sedimentation tank.

For effective waste water treatment, the integration of on-line measurement may be used to automatically surplus sludge and protect against a rising blanket impacting effluent quality.

The quantity of suspended solids and resulting turbidity, can be directly measured using on-line instrumentation. Measurement of turbidity or suspended solids using insertion probes positioned directly at the top of the clarifier, can provide the best response time for process control.

ENV100 sludge blanket level ultrasonic detection process instrument
Sludge Blanket Monitor