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Company Profile

Pollution and Process Monitoring - PPM is an independent limited company which manufactures and distributes instrumentation for water and waste-water applications. The company was founded in 1990 by a small team of highly qualified engineers that pioneered on-line TOC - Total Organic Carbon monitoring. The company has expanded over the years and now represents a number of international companies manufacturing complementary technologies. Although the UK is still the most significant market place, PPM is progressively supporting international projects supplied through UK specification and local distribution. Representation is established for the majority of mainland Europe, USA and Asia including India and China.

Key Industries

  • Chemical & Agrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Engineering
  • Airports
  • Water & Waste-water Sector
  • Power Industry

Key Applications

  • Final Discharge Compliance Monitoring
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • EPR Waste Minimisation
  • Intake Protection
  • Aeration Control
  • Process Control
  • USP & Pure Water

Manufactured Products

Protoc TOC Analyser 300
Proam Ammonia Monitor
Proam Chloride monitor
OFD1 - Oil Film Detector

PPM is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and manufactures a range of on-line TOC analysers called PROTOC® with installations throughout industry.

The Protoc 300 version has been certified to meet the requirements of MCERTS which includes an external audit of our manufacturing processes associated with the production of this instrument. The ProAm ammonia monitor was launched in 2003 for the continuous measurement of ammoniacal-nitrogen and has been widely installed for both waste water compliance monitoring and intake protection of drinking water production. The OFD1 has also been developed to provide non-contact detection of floating oil films with installations in the power industry, at engineering plants measuring surface water and at drinking water intakes.

System Integration

PPM specialises in the integration of instrumentation, building pre-assembled wallboards and walk-in analyser kiosks. Small secondary enclosures and towable trailers can also be accommodated. Duty and standby pumping systems, sample preparation, data transfer, collection and display can all be provided by single company.

Distributed Products

Instruments for the on-line and discrete measurement of a diverse range of parameters are also distributed. Determinants cover nutrient analysis (N,P,K) as well physical and chemical properties such as turbidity, pH, DO and Oil. Latest technology to determine sludge blanket level measurement is also within our product range. Field portable devices are also available to support on-line instruments. Emissions monitoring for hydrocarbons is also supported.

  • WTW IQ Sensor Net system ammonia, turbidity, pH, DO, nitrate, conductivity  process control and final effluent on-line measurement from PPM
  • HF Scientific on-line turbimeter NTU turbidity measurement potable drinking water quality from PPM
  • WTW IQ Sensor Net portable battery powered water quality measurement system from PPM
  • DKK Oil on water film detector surface water river quality using non contact laser technology from PPM
  • – TriOS optical Nitrate sensor for water and waste water quality measurement from PPM