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HF Scientific manufactured products

HF Scientific products

HF Scientific is a US manufacturer of flow through turbidity meters, designed for monitoring the drinking water treatment process. The microTol (which is to be superseded in June 2018 by the MTOL+ versions), has been extensively installed for potable water monitoring applications.

The Accuview use a similar design platform, provides continuous on-line % UVT measurement for control of potable UV disinfection processes. Field portable instruments are also available for turbidity and % UVT measurement. Additionally, HF Scientific also manufacture an on-line continual colorimeter reporting free and total chlorine, using traditional DPD measurement technology.

For further information please refer to the individual product descriptions.

More Information

PDF MTOL+ – flow through nephlometric turbimeter

Flow through turbidity meter providing options for IR or white light source to continuously report turbidity 0-10/100/1,000NTU, using a pressurised measurement system to minimise bubble interference and calibrated using the simple ProCal standards. The MTOL+ also features data logging, USB data transfer and automatic ultrasonic cleaning of the measuring cuvette.

PDF ACCUVIEW - flow through UVT monitor

Flow through instrument continuously reporting % UV transmission of treated drinking water using LED measurement technology with continuous ultrasonic cleaning of the measuring cuvette.

PDF CLX – continual free & total chlorine measurement

The CLX colorimeter continually measures free and total chlorine using a traditional DPD measurement technology. The JAW reagent sets supplied by HF Scientific require the user to simply just add DI water to prepare ensuring optimum shelf life and stability.