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Bespoke monitoring stations

UK water instrument manufacturer

Pollution & Process Monitoring is a UK manufacturer of water quality instrumentation and is a specialist bespoke system fabricator.

Bespoke monitoring stations meet application requirements

Bespoke monitoring stations are needed where an "off the shelf instrument" does not meet the requirements of a specific application or installation.

Typically, a bespoke monitoring station needs to be fabricated to accommodate the measurement of an aggressive sample (biologically or chemically loaded) or to accommodate the installation of a package of instrumentation, where a suitable building is not available. Occasionally the water quality instrumentation needs to be installed for temporary use and can be accommodated in towable trailers.

Automatic cleaning systems may need to be designed to maintain reliable sensor measurement, pumping systems or delivery pipework.

The correct sample preparation and sample acquisition is also critical for analytical methods.

Protoc 300 TOC analyser with membrane filtration pre-installed in a walkin analyser kiosk

Protoc 300 TOC analyser with membrane filtration pre-installed in a walkin analyser kiosk

The merits of pre-installation

The installation of plumbing and electrical distribution, to each appliance may be pre-installed either onto a panel or within a analyser kiosk, may also be the most economic approach when completing an installation.

Bespoke monitoring stations may also integrate data capture, visual data presentation, alarm indication and remote communications.

Where power supply is not available, battery powered sensor technology may also be designed to capture data, using robust sensor technology, capable of measuring key water quality parameter even in aggressive waste-water applications.

The ability to successfully bespoke manufacture, requires a diverse range of instrument and application knowledge, to ensure that a reliable water quality monitoring solution is provided.

The engineers at PPM are able to draw upon a wealth of application experience, allowing proven technology to be integrated to a high standard, without excessive cost.

Our Company has gained an excellent reputation for delivering bespoke monitoring stations which are robust and reliable in operation. There are many water quality monitoring installations which has provided more than 10 years continuous service and provide testament to the quality of the bespoke engineering provided.