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ORP (Redox) - What is Reduction-Oxidation Potential?

Oxidation / Reduction Potential indicates whether the sample is in a oxidation or reduction state. The ORP of a solution is measured in mV using a redox meter. The more positive the potential, the greater the chemical species' affinity for electrons and tendency to be reduced. ORP is an indicator water quality parameter used for process control of chemical reactions; for anoxic or aerobic digestion.

The WTW IQ Sensor Net system accommodates multiple sensor inputs including the Sensolyt 700 IQ with Sensolyt PtA (ORO) sensor, allowing signal transmission over considerable distance. Similarly, the Chemitec 50 series is a digital platform accepting multiple sensor inputs including the competitively priced S406  DIG digital ORP sensor. Temperature is also measured (for automatic temperature compensation) and can be independently output from either controller. The Nivelco Anacont ORP meter is a simple two-wire system which can be used with or without a local display. A version is available for hazardous Ex installation.

Chemitec 50 Series Digital Sensor
Chemitec 50 Series Digital Sensor
Chemitec 50 Series Digital Sensor
Chemitec 50 Series multi-parameter controller
Chemitec S401 DIG Electrode
Chemitec S406 DIG Electrode