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TOC - our process

TOC analysis is now widely utilised for a diverse range of applications both laboratory and on-line, in a multitude of different industries. At one end of the spectrum, a methodology has been devised for the analysis of trace level contamination within pure water and in direct contrast, industrial effluents also need analysing.

Legislation including the Environmental Permitting Regulations specify the use of TOC as a continuous on line measurement and our Protoc 300 TOC analyser has been certified to the MCERTS standard (certificate SIRA MC 060077/00), deeming the instrument "fit for purpose".

Different Methodologies

Principally three methodologies are used; UV-Persulphate oxidation, Furnace and Membrane based systems.

Our Design

Pollution & Process Monitoring - PPM have optimised the UV-Persulphate design and pioneered the technique for on-line TOC measurement. The Protoc® design has many advantages over alternative methodologies, especially when used for in-situ analysis. The measurement is continuous, it can monitor more than one sample stream (either intermittently or continuously), it is self-cleaning and also features automatic chemical cleaning and calibration.

System Validation

TOC OperatorSystem validation is extremely important for all applications - clean and waste water. Membrane systems, typically used for trace level analysis, are more limited with regards calibration and validation.

PROTOC® automatically checks and resets the zero point and allows simple, automated site calibration. The technique is also unaffected by detergents or cleaning agents such as used for CIP, which can contaminate and foul membrane technology.

System Reliability

PROTOC® employs proven, reliable technology further supported by innovative and low maintenance, sample preparation techniques. Internal peristaltic pumps, continuously deliver sample to a specially designed reaction vessel containing a high intensity UV lamp - heating and oxidising the sample already mixed with reagent. Internal sensors identify that the reagent, sample, calibration standards, cleaning solutions and carrier gas are all delivered correctly. Utility alarms notify locally and remotely of any potential errors.

PROTOC® Spyder and Web systems can also provide duty and standby measurement ensuring 100% data reporting (even when one of the two analysers sections automatically calibrates or cleans). These features contrast sharply with instrumentation utilising furnace methodologies typically requiring significant maintenance for continuous operation.

Protoc TOC Applications

The Protoc TOC analyser has been installed throughout industry for environmental, process and compliance monitoring applications. More...