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Product Summary Leaflets

Three separate leaflets summarise the products we manufacture, distribute and bespoke engineer.

More detailed information may be found on specific instruments, by visiting the Find by Parameter or Download sections of the website.

Many measurement applications require ancillary equipment, to complete the water quality monitoring installation. An overview of the typical pumping systems, the sample preparation used to support analytical measurement and sample break-tanks that incorporate individual measurement sensors, are provided. Additionally, pre-installation by PPM, of instrumentation onto PVC wall boards and within analyser kiosks to provide weather protection, are outlined.

Portable water quality measurement systems, for rapid short-term use, have also been summarised. PPM bespoke builds, robust measurement systems suitable for data collection, often required for site investigation of problematic sites, to support site commissioning of new processes or to simply collect data for design purposes. These measurement systems use the latest probe technology and are supported by lithium battery packs, for rapid field deployment.