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Other Distributed products

Distributed products

We also have a select number of products for UK distribution from specific manufacturers providing us with niche products. The manufacturers include Wess Global (sludge blanket level), DKK-TOA (oil film detection) and Nivelco (2-wire / Ex pH & ORP).

For further information please refer to the individual product descriptions.

More Information

Wess Global, South Korea

PDF ENV100 - Sludge blanket meter

Ultrasonic detection of the sludge blanket level in clarifiers, primary & secondary settlement tanks for water and waste-water monitoring applications.

DKK-TOA, Japan

PDF ODL1600 - Oil Film Detector

The ODL1600 uses a scanning laser to detect a floating oil film across the water surface. With separation distances from the sensor to water of up to 5.0m, it is suitable for applications where significant water level variation may occur.

Nivelco, Hungary

PDF AnaCONT pH - Low cost pH and ORP measurement

The AnaCONT pH is a low cost, 2-wire pH and ORP measurement system suitable for hazardous Ex applications which can be used with or without a local display. The sensor/armature assembly is directly mounted into the chamber or channel and the integral transmitter provides an analogue 4-20mA output.