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Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems

Sometimes an "off the shelf" water quality monitoring product is just not available and it is necessary to engineer a complete bespoke monitoring solution. System integration demands a diverse range of abilities. PPM is experienced in designing the correct suite of instrumentation combining manufactured, distributed and factored products.

The Engineered Approach

It is sometimes necessary to enhance instrument performance accomplished through the style of installation, by integrating automatic cleaning systems and engineering duty and standby pumping. The additional benefit of pre-installation is that the complete water quality monitoring system can be performance validated before delivery, minimising the time on site and reducing installation costs.

Analyser Kiosks

Analyser Kiosks Robust GRP analyser kiosks can be engineered and sized for the application with optional internal partitions giving wet and dry sides. Analyser kiosks are often the most economical solution where an existing building is not available or incorrectly positioned.

  • Designed & engineered for the application
  • Integration of sample acquisition & filtration
  • Additional security & weather protection
  • Frost protection & strip lighting
  • Sample & power distribution to instrumentation

Instrument Panels

Instrument PanelsPVC wallboards with optional drip trays are widely used for flow-through measurement and often provide an economical installation solution minimising the time, needed on site to complete an installation.

  • Pre-mounted instrumentation
  • Sample & power distribution
  • Common signals junction box
  • Automatic air and chemical cleaning systems
  • Duplex- duty & standby sample pumping
  • Analyser, flow cell & probe technologies
  • Flow through & common break-tank designs

Specialist Installations

Specialist InstallationsIn some instances tidal water movements, intermittent sample, security, the need for a temporary installation and other site-specific factors need to be considered in the design of a suitable water quality monitoring system. PPM has a wealth of experience with regards assembling the correct system including towable analyser trailers and battery powered systems, using process measurement technology.

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